7 Tips For Styling Apartments + Other Small Spaces

7-Tips-For-Styling-Apartments-+-Other-Small-Spaces - 7-Tips-For-Styling-Apartments-Other-Small-Spaces

Are you furnishing a small apartment, modest unit or a teeny tiny house? Just because your home is tight on space doesn’t mean it can’t be abundant in style!  Follow the below tips and you’ll be surprised how comfortable, homely and beautiful even the smallest of rooms can be.

1. Shed Some Bulk

When selecting furniture for a small space, most people are so focused on searching for items with a small footprint that they neglect to consider the (almost more) important element of visual bulk.  Opt for items with a streamlined profile such as a sofa with exposed legs, a console table that’s sleek in design and furniture items with minimalist wire legs. Obviously, if you can find something that has both a small footprint AND takes up little visual space then you’ve hit the small room furniture jackpot!

2. Glam Glass

Glass is excellent for reducing visual bulk as it gives your furniture a sense of weightlessness in a tight space.

3. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Adding a mirror to an area instantly opens it up and creates the illusion of more space.  It also brightens up the room by bouncing light around, contributing to a more spacious feel.  Hang a mirror on a wall, prop one up on a sideboard, or even place a large feature mirror on the floor, leaning up against a wall.

4. Light and Bright

For the most part, try to use light, airy and neutral colours such as white, creams, light greys and natural wood tones for your walls, window coverings and large furniture items.  These light and bright hues will make your room feel more open and spacious. Don’t worry about it looking flat or bland, you can add depth, colour and texture through the use of strategically chosen accents, accessories and décor.  Be careful not to introduce too many colours into your palette, however, as you don’t want to make your small space look cluttered or overly busy.

5. Don’t Neglect Your Walls

You might not want to introduce much by way of homewares and décor into your room for fear that it will take up valuable real estate, but don’t forget all the available space on your walls! Add style, colour and greenery to a room by incorporating wall art, vertical gardens, hanging shelving etc…

6. Up, Up and Away

Use as much vertical space as possible for your storage needs – think high bookshelves, tallboys, anything that will draw the eye up and clear your clutter while taking up minimal floor space.

7. Seek Out Double Agents

Look for items of furniture that serve multiple purposes, such as a dressing table in the bedroom that can transform into a study desk, a pair of nesting tables that can also act as a coffee table or a side table that provides extra stool seating when guests pop over.  Be creative and use your imagination, you’ll be surprised at how many double agents you can find.

Written by Danni Tan

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