Caring For Your Polished Timber Furniture & Floors


FRENCH POLISH can be beautifully and faithfully restored with RESTOR-A-FINISH which is a wipe-on, wipe-off solution which amalgamates with the existing finish and in this way can blend away minor scratches, heat rings, water marks and many other annoying and stubborn surface flaws. Sometimes you may require a much shinier, glossier finish that even Restor-A-Finish can achieve; HIGH GLOSS finishes can be brought back to life and in fact made to look even better than new with RESTOR-A-SHINE.

Dull, lifeless furniture that has lost its shine first needs an application of Restor-A-Finish followed by an application of Restor-A-Shine. Furniture in good condition but dull will respond to Restor-A-Shine without the need for a total Restor-A-Finish job. Restor-A-Shine can be described as car polish for furniture. The effect is similar to a dull car finish after it’s been polished. There are two grades of Restor-A-Shine; Fine and Superfine. For the perfect finish use Fine first and Superfine second.

Restor-A-shine is the only way I know to replace the shine on dulled polyurethane or Estapol finishes. If you’re finding a bit of residue getting in the way, a light spray with Orange Oil will remove it. Orange Oil is the way to maintain the glossy finish in the long term.


CITRUS SHIELD is a pure paste wax designed to give a high shine when buffed hard. It now comes in colours and they are fantastic!  For faded finishes or just to add a new depth, try a tinted Citrus Shield. To fill cracks or holes, scoop a little out of the tin and place in an open container. After a few days, it will start to “putty up”. Use the puttied wax to fill the problem. It will dry hard after a few more days. Lightly blend coloured Citrus Shield with neutral for a natural wood look. Weathered surfaces respond to several coats with no buffing in between. The last coat gets buffed.


ORANGE OIL is ideal for wooden floors when mixed in equal proportion with Howard Feed-N-Wax and it’s so easy to apply. Pour your mixture into a tray then dip in your sponge mop. Apply a thin, even coating of the mixture to your floor, then allow ten minutes or so drying time. Buff the finish using a string mop tied into a ball.  Electric buffers are good too.


Did you know that FEED-N-WAX can be used on a variety of surfaces apart from wood? Old sewing machines with ornate metal legs, old shoe lasts, old metal tools, vintage matchbox cars, rifle stocks, collectable items made of Bakelite, old enamel advertising signs, dried out oil paintings, dull plaster of Paris and dried out leather. All these items and many more respond to the restorative qualities of this amazing liquid, carnauba-based wax. See these items take on a new significance as they glow with renewed depth of character.

Handy Hint: After polishing your copper, brass, stainless steel or bronze with the appropriate Howard metal polish, finish off with a touch of Feed-N-Wax and you can remove any residual “white stuff” that results when the excess polish is not wiped away immediately.  Adds depth and lustre and prevents further tarnishing for months. Fine china and porcelain respond wonderfully to Feed-N-Wax. Instead of that six monthly wash in warm soapy water, give your old china and porcelain a thorough wipe over with Feed-N-Wax. Marble and Terrazzo also respond magnificently to Feed-N-Wax.  Wipe-on, wipe-off. No hard work.

OUTDOORS: Feed-N-Wax is UV ray resistant as well as being resistant to the elements due to the carnauba component in the wax. The Orange Oil, by a freak of nature, contains many of the same trace elements found in the fibre of wood, so it’s the most effective way of replacing lost essential oils in your outdoor wooden furniture.


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