Easy Steps to Care For Your Timber Blinds

Timber Blinds fade from sun exposure and can easily warp if you don’t care for them. The same applies to timber floors, external doors or any natural timber product.

There are 2 easy steps in maintaining your raw timber blinds:

  1. Wipe down your timber blinds from excess dust.
  2. You will need a small bowl, sponge and Orange Oil. Simply pour the Orange Oil into a small bowl, dip the sponge and apply to your blinds.  To ensure you don’t experience oil dripping at the end of the task, remember to squeeze the sponge from excess oil before applying to your blinds.

NOTE: If you are maintaining your timbers, one coat should be sufficient. If your timber blinds haven't been treated in a while, it may require a second covering.

Dry timber blinds will warp and crack, which isn't a great look and will reduce their lifespan.

About Gilly Stephenson's Orange Oil.

Excellent for those who prefer to oil their furniture rather than wax it. Orange Oil has great cleaning properties and is marvellous for old neglected furniture as it both cleans and restores. It is also a simple way of keeping cane and bamboo furniture in good condition and for feeding unpolished surfaces, such as drawers and undersides of tables. It gives a golden hue to pine. Apply with a soft cloth and then buff. Orange Oil is completely plant-based and food-safe, contains no silicon and smells wonderful.

Not all 'Orange Oil' furniture polishes are the same; many are diluted with cheap petrochemical derived solvents. Gilly Stephenson's Australian Orange Oil Furniture Polish contains the highest percentage of pure orange oil of all of its competitors. 






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