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Founder of The Self-Love Project, Eloise King shares her top tips for how to practice the simple, yet highly effective art of gratitude journaling. “Expressing gratitude increases oxytocins and creates stronger connections and bonds,” says Eloise. “Journaling also has a long history of being used for greater clarity and wellbeing, and is a simple recipe for better health, improved happiness, stronger relationships, a competitive edge at work and greater overall wellbeing.”

1. The Rule of Three

Write three things you’re grateful for each day at the same time. You only need 2-3 minutes to complete this activity, yet doing it at the same time each day has a lot of benefits. Early mornings as the first activity you do, is great for setting the tone for the whole day, while the last thing of the day in the evening can also be good for encouraging happy, restful sleep.

2. Be Specific

Think carefully about the detail as to why you are grateful for the experience you are describing. Invoke the senses you have during that moment, sight, sound, smell, touch – this will have much more impact than a general statement on a place, person or event.

3. Be Relational Remember to focus on people as well as situations.

This can be really useful, helping you to get in touch with your own feelings. This can be useful also if you are having difficulty with someone in your life, helping you to shift negative feelings and move towards a sense of understanding and acceptance. It can also help you celebrate your unique relationship with a special person in your life and can be profound and uplifting.

4. Express Yourself Feel free to use pictures, drawings and doodles as well as words in your gratitude journal.

It is yours to express yourself how you choose. You can even add photographs and mementos to embellish or emphasise your feelings as you see fit. Choose a beautiful pen that you love to hold and that helps the words and pictures flow.

5. Enjoy It! Don’t feel you have to write your gratitude journal every day.

Studies show that writing just 1-3 times per week can be more beneficial than every day, allowing time for thoughts and feelings to emerge without feeling forced. 


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Eloise is the founder of Souluversity, an online educational institution and The Self-Love Project, a six-week online program. Both aimed at helping busy people create more balance, happiness, authenticity and meaning to their lives. A former journalist educated in psychology, psychotherapy, anthropology and neuroplasticity; Eloise has worked alongside the likes of Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Dr Joe Dispenza, David Avocado Wolfe and more. For more information visit www.theselfloveproject.com or www.souluversity.com or follow her at www.facebook.com/Souluversity


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