How To Create Scandinavian Style In Your Home

From the Danish concept of hygge (warmth, coziness and life’s simple pleasures) to the Swedish concept of lagom (balance and moderation) Australia just can’t get enough of Scandinavian design. Here are some guidelines to keep in mind when introducing Scandi style into your home. 

Less is More.

The scandinavian design embraces simplicity, and its furniture is categorised by sleek elegant forms, and clean minimalist lines, toned down by soft furnishings.  The key is moderation – avoid clutter and style your space sparsely and thoughtfully, using a few high-quality pieces.

Let There Be Light

Scandinavian design loves natural light, so do whatever you can to make your room more spacious and light-filled.  Make sure you don’t have any furniture items blocking your windows, and select window coverings that are minimalist, simple and sheer enough for sunshine to come streaming in.

Practically Perfect

One of the quintessential principles of Scandinavian design is that objects should be practical and make our lives better.  It prioritises function, without ever compromising form, beauty and style.

Natural Beauty

The scandinavian style celebrates nature, making use of natural blonde woods, organic curves and warm textures.  It also brings the great outdoors inside by introducing flowers, succulents, twigs and vertical gardens as part of the interior design.

Tone it Down

To master Scandinavian style, pare back on bright colours, opting instead for the sophisticated neutral tones of whites, light greys and blonde woods.  Some pops of colour can be introduced through decorative accents and soft furnishings, but make sure that the majority of your pieces are in a calm and soothing muted palette.

Comfort is Key

Lastly, Scandinavian design is characterised by comfort – it is about creating a dwelling that can be enjoyed by family and friends, combining warmth, enjoyment, pleasure, balance and understated, effortless style.

Written by Danni Tan

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