Learn How to Repair White Marks and Rings On Wood Furniture

Learn-how-to-repair-white-marks-and-rings-on-wood-furniture - Learn-How-to-Repair-Those-Dreaded-White-Marks-and-Rings-On-Wood-Furniture

Are your precious varnished wooden furniture pieces suffering from white marks? If they are we have some great repair tips on how to repair white marks on furniture and products to help you restore your wood pieces. Hazy white marks are caused by hot and moist items such as hot pizza boxes, or fish and chips directly on to the table surface.

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on professional repair services try Howard Restor-A-Finish to eliminate these annoying and sometimes seemingly permanent marks from your good furniture.

  • Take a pad of very, very fine Howard Steel Wool and tear it in half.
  • Take a tin of Restor-A-Finish , open the tamperproof lid as the top directs, and maybe you’ll need to lightly “pop” the top by using an appropriate screwdriver or similar. Pour some of the liquid in the broken edge of a half pad and allow it to saturate into the steel wool without letting it drip everywhere.
  • Now begin to apply the saturated steel wool pushing it gently but firmly into the surface, going with the grain of the wood so as not to disturb it, and paying particular attention to the marks in question. If necessary rub a little deeper into these marks always keeping the liquid flowing. NEVER use dry steel wool. Continue to repeat the process until the white mark is removed. Now wipe the surface dry with a clean, lint-free cloth. In most cases, the finish will now look better than new.
  • Sometimes you may find that a ghost of the mark is still visible. This is because what has caused the mark has actually gone below the surface varnish and into the wood itself. In that case, nothing can be done except to strip away the varnish and start again…but it’s easier to them covet the surface with wood tinted Citrus Shield Paste Wax. About three coats of this richly tinted wax and the marks will be barely visible if at all.

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