If you're looking to embark on a living room makeover but not sure where to start, you've definitely come to the right place for practical decision making and inspirations to create the perfect oasis in your home.


It's very easy to blow a project budget, which is why it's so important to make certain you create a budget plan and put EVERYTHING ON IT! Furniture, accessories, modifications and rubbish removal costs if required.

If buying furniture, the first to do is "measure up". This helpful article offers some great measuring space tips and if you're looking for savvy shopping tips, this article provides a comprehensive shopping for furniture buying guide.

Modifications can be a minor or major cost and range from a fresh coat of paint, wallpaper, or maybe you plan to add features such as timber moulds or ornate ceiling moulds, or you might be planning to add a fireplace, ceiling fan or light dimmer. If you need a service provider such as an electrician, add this cost to your budget planner. TIP. To avoid unwanted surprises when contracting external services, ask if there's a callout fee before confirming your appointment and conduct a background check to ensure the contractor is registered and insured to undertake work on your property.

Rubbish removal could potentially become another cost to factor. If you need to dispose of large items, the first step is to contact your local council and enquire about free kerbside rubbish removal options in your area. Trailers and utes are a great DIY option to haul rubbish to your local Waste and Recycling Depot. TIP. Call your local Waste and Recycling Depot as your first step to confirm opening times, costs and other considerations. If you don't own an appropriate vehicle, consider hiring one from Car Next Door, or another service provider.  Another rubbish removal option, particularly if you don't have a licence, is opting to hire a skip bin or call a rubbish removal specialist for pricing if the heavy lifting is beyond you.


It's not uncommon to think "how did I manage to accumulate so much". The first step in decluttering is to categorise items in these groups: store it, donate it, bin it, upcycle it, keep it.

In addition to ridding your home of unwanted items, decluttering can be achieved by making savvy decisions which double as "stylish storage solutions". Here are a few ideas.


If your treasured memories have become dust collectors and add to the feel of unwanted clutter, we've got two very easy solutions to help you solve this issue.

#1. If your wall space is limited and your project objective is to declutter your shelf space, invest in a digital photo frame, and depending on the size of your memory card, it's a way to add new photo memories which will be sure to become a talking point when friends and family gather.

#2. Is your wall space is begging for attention? Another fun way to incorporate photos is to create a very funky wall gallery which offers a range of options to suit your styling needs.

Both options are a great way to restyle your space into a dynamic which works for you.


If you have the tendency to be a bit of a book junkie or hoarder of magazines dating back to the 1950s, you'll definitely need to take inventory.

For those of you with a generous collection of books & magazines in your “must keep” group and don’t already have somewhere to store them, bookshelves are a great styling addition.  TIP: Before buying any new piece of furniture, consider the role this piece plays in the overall ambience of your room. For example, will your bookshelf become a feature aspect of your room, or is it a practical storage piece within your decluttering process? This is particularly important when deciding on colours, size and style. When looking for a bookshelf which is right for you, don’t forget to accurately measure space before shopping. Depending on your personal style and space available, you may also consider two or more narrow shelves.

Other savvy storage solutions include; chest box, standing coat hanger, hooks, magazine racks and opting for furniture with hidden in-built storage.


The key question to ask here is "are you looking to completely reinvent your room with new furniture, or are you looking for as seasonal refresher?".

If you're looking to completely reinvent your room, a good starting point is to create a design mood board.

If you're looking for a few simple "accessory" styling options, here are a few ideas.

Cushions are a great décor inclusion. In addition to creating a cosy feel to your room, they’re perfect for creating a new look each season, simply interchange covers. Mix and match sizes, patterns and colours to achieve the perfect style elements to compliment your room.

Throws are extremely functional. In addition to being a practical item which keeps you warm in the cold of winter days and nights, a throw can be used to add a splash of colour to your room or used to protect your sofa from wear & tear.

Upcycle your worn lamp shade. If your base needs a refresher, there are loads of great DIY upcycle options, including a host of finishes available with the Dulux Duramax range. If you love the look of your lamp base but the shade is looking worn, replacing the shade might just save you a bundle of money. Here are a few considerations when shopping for a replacement. In addition to pondering the colour and shape of your new shade, it is also very important not to select a shade which is too heavy for the base. Secondly, consider the bulb wattage, is it suitable for your size shade? Safety always comes first! Before making a purchase, make certain you take note of your lamp fitter size. You want to avoid the hassle of selecting a shade which simply doesn’t fit.

OTHER STYLING OPTIONS INCLUDE. Light fittings. rugs, wall art, candle holder, wine rack or an ornate vase.

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