Microwave Myths Busted


"Foods lose lots of nutrients when cooked in a microwave."
Microwaves are not the only form of cooking that breaks down nutrients throughout the cooking process. Microwaving food preserves more nutrients than other cooking methods such as boiling or baking as they take longer than microwaving and can cause more nutrients to leach out of the food. So, save time and cook using a microwave!

"Microwaves cause cancer"
Microwaves heat food. Any form of cooking results in the same changes to food as caused by a microwave. Radiofrequency radiation is produced and absorbed by water molecules in the food, in turn producing heat. Microwaves are completely safe and there are no harmful effects to humans. Sharp continually test and check the safety of their products ensuring the safety of consumers.

"Microwave ovens cook food from the inside out."
If you have not allowed enough time for food to be reheated properly in a microwave and taken a bite, you may notice that the centre of your food remains cold. This is because heat is transferred from the outer layers of food inward. Sharp’s broad range of microwave ovens make it possible to select a range of power levels and cooking times for dishes that require various stages of cooking or reheating, thus adding to the simplicity and convenience of microwave use.

"Microwaves leak unsafe levels of Electromagnetic radiation"
Microwaves only heat food and do not add anything into your meals. Sharp microwaves have an interlocking system to stop any electromagnetic radiation leaking out. If proper instructions are followed when using a microwave oven, there are no harmful effects or threats at all.

Cooking is easy with Sharp Smart Technology Microwaves. Sharp understands that everyone is busy with day to day life and require appliances that save time and provide versatility and convenience when cooking in the kitchen. The innovative smart technologies in selected Sharp microwave ovens have been developed with the Australian consumer in mind, letting you ‘Live Smart’.


Smart Inverter provides faster, even cooking and heat distribution.

Smart Humidity Sensor automatically determines cook and reheat times, both providing the consumer with perfect cooking results.

Smart Weight Sensor easily weighs ingredients for recipe, or defrost times. When bench space is limited, this feature can be very convenient. And with fan forced operation.

Smart Convection allows for even heat circulation, perfect for roasting and baking.

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