Australia’s first and original Play Pouch that is changing the lives of Aussie parents

From educational toys to games, action figures, arts & crafts, collectables, dolls, musical, outdoor to plush…the list of children’s toys go on and on. How many toys does the average child have? I bet if we ask most Australian parents the answer would be “too many”. It is no wonder that over the years toy storage has grown from toy tubs to toy boxes, then chests, to entire toy rooms, let’s face it, now taking over the complete household! For years Australian parents have been batted, bruised and frustratingly wounded when navigating the minefield that is their house. From stepping on LEGO, balls and blocks, the household of the modern parent is a battleground! Half of the battle is managing to avoid stepping on the endless array of small plastic toys while the other half is encouraging our little delights to clean up their bombsite!

More often than not, once the kids are in bed, it is left to the parents to navigate the minefield and tidy up the mess while praying for no more toe casualties. Considering that when women become mothers, their time spent on housework increased exponentially, it would be very helpful if our little ones were as passionate about clean up time as they are about playtime!

Back in 2011, Kate and Kate, two Aussie Mums were completely fed up and overwhelmed with the amount of toys spread throughout their homes. It was during a catch up at a café with Kate recalled an old denim fabric toy bay that she used to own as a child when the idea for Play Pouch emerged. Unable to find anything like it in stores or online, Kate and Kate recreated and improved an old idea in the most innovative of ways. After many prototypes, Australia’s first and original Play Pouch was created! Fast-forward nearly a decade and Play Pouch Australia now has multiple collections that are saving the sanity of Australian parents all around the country. Play Pouch is the ultimate toy storage system and playmat, all in one! Un-do the clever pouch to create a beautiful 145cm diameter play mat and once play-time is over, the ropes simply pull up the edges of the mat and the Play Pouch bunches together to store all toy-clutter away.

“With 2 boys under 4 years old, the plethora of toys sprawled throughout my house was becoming overwhelming. I recall speaking to my husband and saying that I think we need a bigger house, some days it honestly felt like the walls were closing in on me. I didn’t want to disrupt play-time for the kids but then felt myself becoming that nagging stressed-out mother who was constantly repeating myself in frustration to PICK UP YOUR TOYS. Since discovering Play Pouch, my house, life and attitude as completely changed! They say a clean house means a clear mind and I have finally started becoming FUN again! My boys love their Play Pouches and their little faces are so proud when they pull up the ropes and tidy with ease. They think it’s fun. I think it is genius!! There are other lesser quality copy-cat styles on the market, but they would never be durable enough to contain all the toys that my boys own. I finally have my sanity back after such a simple and clever solution”. Emma Smithson, Mum, Mornington Peninsula VIC Australia.

Play Pouch provides a fun and functional storage solutions that every Australian household with kids could use. The innovative, durable and stylish Play Pouches maximise creative play while minimising mess and empowering achievable and fun pack-up for children. An ultimate all-in-one toy storage system and play mat that simplifies the chaos of clean-up time as the beautiful large plat mat encases kids toys and once play-time is over, kids are able to pack away their toys with impressive ease. Convenient and mobile, the Play Pouch can be hung neatly on the wall at home or packed into the car to bring your kids toys to play dates and friend’s houses.

Play Pouch is available in a variety of collections including the modern Original Play Pouch and Printed Play Pouch that open to an impressive 145cm diameter play mat. The interactive Colour & Go Mini Play Pouch is the perfect size for tabletop play at 70cm diameter when opened and comes with washable markers, so your little one can colour in the pictures on the canvas and make the Play Pouch uniquely their own. Not forgetting the smaller ones, the Bebè Pouch is a play mat and carry bag all in one! Easily spread out to become a playmat for your baby, the Bebè Pouch works simply by closing the zip and clipping the clasp to instantly transform into a portable slouch bag that holds toys, bottles, dummies, nappies and more! The genius Aqua Pouch is Australia’s first and original waterproof play mat and carry bag! Available in 2 fun designs, the Aqua Pouch can be turned into a play space or picnic rug for damp areas such as the beach or sitting on the grass at the park. It will also carry wet things without letting the moisture leak through.

Gone are the days of dreaming of an endless underground rumpus room, to lock away the clutter and toys of Christmas past.

Play Pouch is a place to play and then simply pack away. It will not only transform the way your kids play and transport their toys, it will transform your home!