Flannerys Organic & Wholefood Market naturopath Caroline Robertson says "it’s not too late to start reducing waste to save the planet. Whether you’re already eco-friendly or want to start contributing to saving our planet, there are so many environmentally-friendly products on the market now that there isn’t an excuse to be using toxins that pollute our oceans, says Ms Robertson. The same with plastic substitutes. It’s heartening to see how more Australians starting to understand the severity of climate change and want to do something about it. Recycling can only do so much, where avoiding plastic and dangerous waste is the best option, and there are plenty of alternatives and products which are easy to substitutes.”

Flannerys Organic & Wholefood Market has a range of unpackaged bulk wholefoods, authentic eco, and plastic-free products. Naturopath Caroline Robertson reveals Flannery's top-selling products.

Beeswax wraps. Beeswax wraps are a great plastic-free alternative, perfect for keeping food fresh and wrapping sandwiches and packed lunches.

Purchase from bulk bins. Flannerys Organic & Wholefood Market are suppliers of natural and organic products at their stores, including sustainably sourced nuts, seeds, dark chocolate, carob etc which you can pour directly from their glass canisters into your own, banishing plastic for good!

Compostable bags. Plastic bags can take up to 1000 years to decompose in landfills. Whereas compostable bags are an environmentally friendly alternative. Small biodegradable bags are available for food, small bins and doggie poos too. Flannerys Organic & Wholefood market offers free compostable bags at the checkout, produce and bulk areas, made from corn husks they will eventually break down in the compost, but they can also be re-used.

Straw alternatives. Australians use an estimated 10 million plastic straws a day. Environmentally, plastic straws are too lightweight and not biodegradable or recyclable and frequently end up in the ocean in the stomach of fish, birds and turtles, killing off half of affected marine life. The right environmental choice would be to use alternative straws made from stainless steel or bamboo.

Water filter. One million plastic bottles are bought every minute around the globe, with our insatiable thirst for bottled water creating a crisis that experts say is as bad as climate change. First things first, ditch the plastic bottles, if you’re concerned about water quality, use a good quality water filter or drink from stainless steel bottles.

Reusable mesh fruit and veg produce bags. Instead of plastic bags for fruit, vegetables and bulk-food shopping, use a lightweight mesh reusable produce bag.


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