If you’re one of the 15.2 million Australians who drink hot coffee, tea or chocolate each week (Roy Morgan, 2019) and one of the 41% of Australians who regard environmental issues as the biggest problem facing Australia (Roy Morgan, 2019) then you’ll be happy to know there is a small female-led, Australian Made and Owned, B-Corporation certified business that is actively addressing both passions and concerns in one!

Australia’s own Uppercup is obsessed with providing eco-friendly and sustainable solutions. Their core range of reusable cups were launched years ago in an effort to use locally produced manufacturing to eradicate the use of single-use cups while creating and supporting Australian jobs. Years later, the forward-thinking owners of Uppercup realised that sometimes recyclability isn’t enough when considering majority of recycling waste is not actually recycled. Meaning, even if a recycled item is placed in the recycling bin it may still end up in landfill anyway! This prompted the question of “what happens when you are finished with your reusable cup?” as all good things must come to an end.

Wanting to take the next step in being a sustainable company and already offering spare parts, Uppercup developed their ground-breaking recycled Uppercup+An innovative product that takes your old Uppercup and uses it to make a new Uppercup+! With one of the main business goals of Uppercup being to make it easier for Australian’s to reduce, reuse and recycle, Uppercup committed to a closed-loop solution where your old cup won’t end up in landfill and instead will be recycled locally in Australia and made into a new Uppercup+, ready to be used again!

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